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The short descriptions below are a brief overview of the tasks at hand that you student will need to complete over the course of 4 years. It is certainly not a complete list but it gives you an idea of the magnitude of the tasks your student will need to complete by the end of high school. Please consult with your child when determining what package is right for them. Often times parents don’t know the full scope of what their child needs to accomplish simply because it hasn’t been communicated to you. Knowing what you are in for will help you more easily determine what package will best serve your child’s needs.

At your FREE 30 Minute Discovery Meeting we can discuss more in depth how these different packages will address your students needs, so come with lots of questions, we will be ready!

Freshman Package – The Freshman Four

With the Freshman Four package your student will receive a personal admissions advisor who will take them through the entire admission process. Your student will work with us from freshman year – senior year.

We will help navigate the college process with you as a family from start to finish so you don’t make the same mistakes thousands of families do every year by not getting the help they need.

During the Freshman year we will work with your student to determine academic and intentional extracurricular course selection, it will be important for your Freshman to select courses that will impact their high school career and which courses are best for your student. We will help students learn to map out their education with a strong 4 year plan so they may enter into college with a solid foundation. Other areas we will continue to revisit on a regular basis are scholarship applications, summer planning, community service opportunities , entrepreneur and leadership mentoring, and so much more!

Sophomore Package – Survival Mode

This package is a 3 year program. With this package your student will receive a personal admissions advisor who will assist your student with all his or her needs from sophomore year -senior year.

Sophomore year is infamously known at the “Sophomore Slump”. For some students boredom sets in and it takes all they have just to stay motivated and focused. Fortunately, this is the year students are encourage to experimenting with a variety of courses and subjects such as art, music, or theater, or maybe sign up for a European Literature class! We encourage students to step out of their comfort zone sophomore year and really be aware of their options. With our proprietary model we can help your student zero in on their passion. Together we will explore this concept in great detail so by their Junior year they should have a clear understanding or direction they might like to pursue in college.

Sophomore’s also need to stay the course and continue to build on the solid educational foundation of their core subjects such as English, social studies, math, science, and foreign language, this is an important facet of the sophomore year as many colleges and universities require 3-4 years of core curriculum studies. With your students Freshman year now behind them things are going to start ramping up. As a sophomore your student will now be preparing for the PSAT, thinking about potential colleges they might like to attend and putting more focus and attention on their grades and overall GPA. Our job is to help your student stay focused and on task. Maybe this is the year they require some extra help with tutoring or help with study techniques. No matter what their needs, we will help them work through it.

Junior Package – The Dynamic Duo

This 2 year package is for juniors who would like help both in high school and with preparing for college admissions their senior year.

By the time your student reaches his junior year, he should be taking classes that emulate his interest or talent in a specific subject area when possible. Maybe load up on AP or IB classes. Junior year, students really need to push themselves. The pressure is on! Course work will be more challenging and the demands will be higher. In addition to their regular school work students will need to spend some time developing scholarship lists, devote some time to summer planning, community service opportunities , entrepreneur and leadership mentoring, and things that might present themselves that weren’t part of the original plan. These 2 years are the most crucial in the admissions process and If your student doesn’t want to go it alone, this is the package for them.

Senior Package – S.O.S (Save our Senior)

Seniors only! It’s crunch time and your senior is behind.

They haven’t started any “college stuff” yet. College lists have to be drafted, applications need to be started, common app essays, resume/cover letter, interviews scheduled, letters of recommendation requested, transcripts requested, retaking of the SAT/ACT tests the summer of their senior year to get a better score…and much more. Does the thought of all of this stress you out? Is your student feeling overwhelmed? This package will help them bring it home and set their mind at ease that everything will get done.

The Arts

This is a 4 year plan for students interested in the ARTS. Your son or daughter will receive a personal admissions advisor who assist them through the entire arts admission process. Your student will work with us from freshman year – senior year.

In addition to the Common App, the Arts bring their own set of criteria to the college application process from auditions and portfolio preparation to artist statements and thesis essays. As a Freshman we will coach the students on how to begin to develop their portfolio’s that will allow them to enter into a variety of artistic competitions. Participation in art camps, local and national competitions, community service, high school clubs and maintaining good grades to name a few, will be important areas of concentration for a student in the Arts. Fortunately we have some very qualified advisors on our team, who can help your child navigate this very specialized and challenging arena.

A la carte

Junior/Senior – I Got This!

This package is for the student who has it going on but might need a little help and guidance. This is an al a carte package for Juniors who would like to select only the services they need to complete their college admissions foundation work. Maybe they need to finesse their resume and cover letter or create one from scratch. Maybe your junior wants to learn some interviewing techniques or entrepreneur/leadership mentoring ? Or all of the above…Refer to the a la carte menu below.

  • Admissions Advising
  • Resume/Interview Coaching
  • Essay Coaching
  • Scholarships
  • Portfolio Prep
  • Any specialized areas students need help with

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Return on Investment

College Advising services over the course of 4 years can typically yield a significant return on your investment ranging from thousands of dollars in scholarship awards through hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of full tuition scholarships. You can’t afford not to make the investment in your child’s future. Sign up with one of our service packages today to secure money in the bank tomorrow.

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