Our Best resources for college scholarships

Who doesn’t want FREE money?

When it comes to finding out about all things college, students today have a wealth of resources available to them on the web . Trying to figure out where to start can be a bit daunting so I have compiled a list of some great websites where you can go to find a ton of college scholarships.

  1. Big Future (College Board)

Of course College Board is at the top of the list. Not only do they provide a whole host of helpful information about standardized tests, advanced placement classes, colleges and universities, internships from more than 2,200 programs and pretty much anything else you might need when it comes to college. So it comes as no surprise when I tell you they have a scholarship list and comprehensive search options to simplify the whole process.

  1. Broke Scholar

The great thing about Broke Scholar is they have made it super easy to search for scholarship and better yet, you don’t have to give them any personal information. Also on their site you will find info on grants and fellowships, giving your student even more options to explore.

  1. CareerOneStop

Here is a college website that claims to be “your source for career exploration, training and jobs,” CareerOneStop has thousands of scholarships to choose from and they have made it easy to filter your list based on criteria, where you live, type of award you looking for, level of study and more, so take couple of hours or an afternoon to explore.

  1. Chegg

We have nothing but great things to say about Chegg, from book rental to their generous contribution to the environment, planting over 6 million trees to date! Their scholarship list is comprehensive, user friendly and they have a super handy online application processes.

  1. JLV College Counseling

This site favorite was created by a previous admissions counselor. You have the option to search by major, deadline month and more. You can’t filter by certain criteria like other scholarship search engines (i.e. GPA, SAT score, etc.) but we find most of the scholarships on this site to be legitimate.

  1. Student Scholarships

Student Scholarships provides the user with a variety of categories to organize their information, and a search bar that allows the student to search for the criteria that is relevant to them. Another great feature is their career-oriented Q&A’s, giving your student the opportunity to learn more about the many different  types of professions available to them (this is especially helpful when a student is undecided about their major).

  1. Tuition Funding Sources

This search engine makes it quick and easily to narrow down your list of criteria saving you hours of unnecessary search time. It’s worth checking out.

  1. Unigo

Unigo’s list of scholarships, awards and grants will give you fun, unusual, academic, need-based, student-specific, career, and even more types of scholarships. Browse through their list and find new scholarships to add to your child’s college fund. They also have a tool to compare different universities.

These sites will give you a good place to start! Happy searching!


Fastweb While there are some great opportunities here, there are also a large number of sweepstakes that pose as scholarships. Sweepstakes carry an innate level of risk, and the potential of flooding your email with junk mail or spam.  If you choose to use Fastweb for your scholarships search, you need to do your research before applying. If something seems suspicious, it probably is so don’t submit an application or give your personal details to the site.


Merit scholarships are one of the best ways to obtain free money for college. Merit scholarships make it possible to greatly reduce your child’s tuition bill, or even get a “free ride. ” The great thing about merit scholarships is your child may automatically qualify at their chosen college or university based on their GPA, test scores, portfolio or extracurriculars. Check out this this website, the Merit Scholarship List, for aggregated merit scholarship information from universities all over the country.


  • Free searches
  • Calendar listing scholarships by deadline
  • Filtering capabilities
  1. By name
  2. By deadline
  3. By award amount
  • Rating of scholarships
  • Adjustable settings
  • Email alerts when new scholarship matches are available
  • The ability to save profile information
  • Responsive design (mobile-friendly)


  • Local scholarships
  • Scholarships from the university or college your child will be attending
  • KFC scholarships
  • Coca-Cola scholarships
  • Wal-Mart Scholarships
  • Exon Mobil Scholarships
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities Scholarships
  • General Electric foundation Scholarships
  • Target Scholarships
  • Scholarship America
  • AT&T Labs Fellowship Program