Last I checked, there are more that 4000 schools to choose from

This latest college admissions scandal rocked the industry. It was a scandal of great proportion. Many of you may feel betrayed, and rightly so. What surprised me is that this has been going on for years and is just now being exposed. There were admissions people who knew about these unethical dealings way back in the 80’s (and maybe even further) and chose to ignore it. Donations should never be traded for admissions for someone under qualified.

That being said, we must remember that college is a business and it’s not necessarily that the college is at fault, it’s the people who are running the college and administrators at the high school level who turned their backs to suspicious dealings that need to be called out for their actions. It’s these few bad eggs who now make us question whether or not going to college is something attainable for our children. I believe college is absolutely attainable and even more so now that this scandal is out in the open. There is a valuable take away we can all get from this:

Parents share this with your students and have them sit in this thought for a moment.

Students; What would give you greater satisfaction, empowerment and confidence, knowing you applied to college and got in on your own merit or that you had help doctoring your test scores or your parents made a huge donation (bribe) to the college to secure your admissions? Obviously, I would hope it would be getting in on your own merit. If you did say your own merit, nothing has really changed for you, you are still going to have to put in the time and work hard in school.

Now that this scandal has been exposed, the middle class and under privileged students will now have a level playing field. All schools will be available to all students who qualify and that is a wonderful thing. Students of all economic and social classes will now have the opportunity to apply and be accepted to the school of their choice.

This is where I am going to ask you to restore your faith in the college admissions process and move past this nightmare scandal. The system was broken but I believe it can be made whole again. I’m sure there are going to be some big changes in how the admissions process is going to work from now on and this too is a good thing, the college process will no longer be as it once was.

I also believe there are good, reputable people out there who want to help you, I mean truly help you. People with good intentions, ethical practices and who have your best interest in mind.

With over 4000 colleges and universities to choose from and the thought of finding the right college for you might just make you crazy or cause you a great deal of anxiety. I get it, it can be quite overwhelming to think about all the possibilities. Maybe that is why students choose schools they are familiar with, it’s a comfort zone thing. The good news is, it is very easy to narrow your search.

Every college has their own admissions guidelines. If you choose an Ivy, grades and extracurricular activities will be important. Or maybe you don’t want that kind of added stress, you just want a college that has a good academic and social balance. One where you can enjoy both your classes and hanging out with friends and it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t get all “A’s” in all of your classes. These are 2 very different college experiences so knowing what you want from your college experience is so important, so that is why “fit” is crucial when selecting your college.

At CollegePrep Lab we only want the best for you, we want to see all your hard work pay off and help you select a school where you will love life and thrive.

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