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Hello parents! and welcome to the CollegePrep Lab. Here you will find everything you need to help your child with the application process from common application questions, updates and information, financial aid and the FAFSA tips, scholarship coaching, essay strategies and coaching from our amazing essay coach Jodi, Career exploration, resume help and interviewing techniques from our awesome career coach Denise Anne, or Admissions consulting from me, Tracy, so check often for updates.

Applying to college can be a bit overwhelming for both you and your student. I often have parents ask, “where do I begin?” First I want to encourage you to relax. The key to applying to college is all about organization, and staying on top of deadlines. Once your student knows what they need to do, it’s just a matter of staying on track and creating a timeline for themselves to work within and that is where CollegePrep Lab can help!

I would say the most challenging part of this whole application process are the essays. The essays give admissions counselors a window into the life of your student. They want to see who your child is and the impact they will make on campus at their college or university, in their community and beyond. Your student will be asked to share their story on what makes them so great! or what struggles they may have faced in life, what they did about it and how they overcame them. A well-crafted essay will make your student stand out and get noticed. That is why at the CollegePrep Lab we take crafting a well-written essay very seriously. Our expert essay strategist is phenomenal! We know how important a good essay is. It could mean being accepted to your child’s top college….or not.

One final note on essay writing. We are experts when it comes to writing essays for the arts. If your student is in the arts and is struggling with writing their thesis statement or artist statements, we have artists on our team ready to help.

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