At the College Prep Lab, our number one priority is you!


Our primary focus will always be your child/student. Whether starting during the freshman year of high school or later, we work side by side with your student to explore their goals, values, and dreams and how they can challenge themselves during this exciting time.

This is a collaborative effort. We will take a deep dive into their interests and learning style and set them up for success in high school through strategic course selection and intentional electives and extracurricular choices.

CollegePrep Lab is an independent, like-minded college advising practice. Our objective is to encourage and empower students to believe in themselves and their strengths while embracing their weaknesses. Integrity and confidence are two themes we work on throughout the college search process. Our goal is to bring peace of mind, clarity, and confirmation to both parents and students through organized, professional guidance.

We are proud to say that we are unique in that we specialize in schools that not everyone knows about or applies to in areas such as music, art, and theatre. Auditions and portfolios are something we know a lot about! But don’t worry we know a lot about other majors and concentrations as well.

Everyone on our team believes that “knowledge is power,” and at CollegePrep Lab we are committed to providing the resources your child needs to LEARN how to navigate the college admissions process. Through this exploration, your student will ACQUIRE the knowledge he or she needs and the skills they require to BECOME the perfect college applicant. LEARN. ACQUIRE. BECOME™.

Meet our team of expert professionals

Founder/CEO – CollegePrep Lab

Tracy Fraccarolli – Admissions Advisor

Once a consumer myself, I sought out the professional help of a college advisor for my 2 daughters and, in the process, learned the value and necessity of this type of service.

In my search to find equitable college advising help, I found that, even at the top high schools, the counselors were overwhelmed and bogged down with their everyday workload and struggled to provide the level of guidance their students needed and wanted when it came time for the application process. With the national average at 500 students to only 1 counselor, (Source: The College Board) it’s no wonder students are slipping through the cracks and getting lost in the shuffle. Our services are designed to fill those gaps, whether big or small, between what’s available to the student in school or additional support needed outside of school.  We assist your student with all their needs!

With a BA from the College for Creative Studies and having a daughter attending MICA, I know first hand that navigating the Arts application can be tricky. Most if not all art colleges ask for extra supplemental materials such as portfolio’s and artist statements which in turn means more work for the art student. Additionally, I’ve spent the better part of the last 5 years working as a client liaison for a college consulting firm. Through this collaboration, I developed my own proprietary model that helped get one of my daughters into Cornell University and the other into Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). 2 very different schools, 1 proven and effective model.

Writing/Essay Coach

Meet Jodi Fielding – Essay Coach

Each college applicant has a distinctive story waiting to be told; however, saying what you want to say can be difficult.  With over 25 years of experience in English composition and education, I am skilled at helping you find the ideas that reveal who you are.  I have an eye for detail in grammar, word choice, and syntax, but I do more than refine your writing! I will help you show your unique self while preserving your purpose and voice.  More than merely an editor, I will get to know you and the schools you hope to attend, bringing that knowledge to bear upon your writing in ways that give each school a window into your personality, aspirations, and objectives.  With a BA in English, a BS in Education, and certification in Differentiated Instruction, I will help make the impossibleness of writing a possibility for you!

Career Coach

Get to know Denise Anne Taylor – Career Strategist Expert

Trained and certified by The Protocol School of Washington, the nation’s leading protocol and etiquette firm, Ms. Taylor has a diverse and extensive background in college resume development, college interview strategies and support, public speaking, internship exploration, and entrepreneurship. Ms. Taylor offers executive support services to enhance a student’s ability to navigate successfully throughout the college admissions process by applying contemporary and up-to-date business etiquette protocols and proven strategies for leadership and personal excellence.  A vendor partner with the State of Michigan and Michigan Rehabilitation Services Ms. Taylor is equipped to support students with disabilities who are seeking to make a meaningful impact and valuable contribution on campus. Ms. Taylor is a LinkedIn ProFinder Pro™ approved Career Coach and recently become certified as a Law of Attraction, Basic Practitioner and provides strategies, resources and consulting for all facets of the career/college pathway to help individuals GET FOUND. GET HIRED™.

Transformational Life Coach

Get to know Jill Massura – Transformational Life Coach

With my support, students discover how to live their lives with excitement, free from negative thoughts and behaviors. My approach with each student is as individual as they are! I am a holistic therapist. This means, I help you explore ALL facets of yourself, in mind, body and spirit! You are not one dimensional, therefore, it is important to understand all dimensions of yourself to transform your life.

I began my training in the healing arts more than 7 yrs. ago as a massage therapist. Even prior to completing school, however, I became aware of my innate ability to access and understand information about people that was deeper than just tissue. As I began to trust this intuition, my ability to connect my clients’ physical pain with their emotional experiences, developed. Through a wide array of studies and certifications in polarity therapy, EFT/Tapping, and life coaching, I have developed a practice that is truly unique.

My journey through self discovery and healing led me to some of the most effective tools and techniques in personal transformation. My personal experience is the reason I know that anyone can transform their life and dreams into reality…because I’ve lived it.

International student liaison/Graduate school admissions advisor

Get to know Vik Ahluwalia – Graduate School Admissions Advisor/International Student Liaison

Vik oversees our international relationships with students from India, China, Kenya and Philippines. Vik specializes in graduate school admissions where his main focus is on medical schools, law schools, engineering schools, architecture and computer engineering among others.

With our Comprehensive Graduate Plan, students have a personal advisor taking them through the entire admission process. Expert Advisors help students apply to Business School, Medical School, Law School, Graduate, Masters and PhD Programs, Dental School and other graduate programs.

The plan also includes communication with colleges on the student’s behalf. Students will receive in-person meetings (where available), phone, Skype and email correspondences.

“Our goal at CollegePrep Lab is to help students find the college/university that is the right fit for them where they will succeed, and thrive!”

CollegePrep Lab Team

Our highly qualified team is more than equipped to help your student get the job done.

Contact us anytime at collegepreplab@gmail.com or by phone at 248-274-9917